About Us

Sensor Security is a leading importer and distributer of electronic security equipment in Southern Africa. Established in 2001, the company is fuelled by a deep sense of professional pride and sets the standard in multiple ways: Sensor only partners with proven quality brands, shares its theoretically robust skill set and hard-earned practical experience with its clients and provides strong technical support. All of which is underpinned by a company culture of respect, integrity, a commitment to quality and the desire to do a job well.

Sensor is one of the few privately owned distributors in South Africa. Its head office is in Midrand and the company has branches in Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

End-to-end solutions specialist

Sensor Security takes great care when it comes to choosing their brand partners. Furthermore, these highly considered product ranges enable Sensor to deliver complete building management systems. Sensor also offers consultations, site audits, system designs, project management and project support via its finance arm, Sensor Finance

Management Team

Management Team

Jean Brown
Managing Director

Jean Brown took a keen interest in business matters from an early age. As a first step he completed a B.Comm degree and launched a career in marketing and sales. His leadership abilities saw him rapidly rising through the sales management ranks of the life assurance giant Sanlam, where he was appointed General Manager of Corporate Communication. Jean’s yen for things entrepreneurial led to the start of Sensor in 2002 and this success story is still unfolding. Jean leads by example and is is a clear embodiment of what it is to take pride in one’s work. Jean’s other passions include spending time in the bosveld and the Kruger Park, in addition to supporting rugby and cricket.

Henry Brown
Sales Director

Henry Brown pursued a career in health, safety and environmental management before joining the family business. He is a specialist with 12 years’ experience in site audits, system designs and special projects. His calm, client-centric approach and expertise in both the entire Bosch, Hikvision , Virdi, Inergen and Eckoshield product ranges makes him an excellent equaliser, team player and leader. Henry is a keen fitness enthusiast and can be found on the golf course in between meeting deadlines.

Brigitta van Rensburg
National Operations Manager

Brigitta van Rensburg has worn numerous hats in her career, including: administration, sales, marketing, research, planning, coaching, human resources, communications and management. And while her titles and responsibilities have differed, her enthusiasm is consistent. As a seasoned marketer, manager and leader, Brigitta has an inimitable ability to administer multiple roles in a goal-orientated and driven manner. She expects nothing less than the best from herself and others and is passionate about providing the tools to create new possibilities and focusing on achieving those goals. In addition to enthusiasm, this versatile leader has a wealth of experience to her name that spans more than two decades.

Marco Della Peruta
Head of Technical

Marco Della Peruta joined the Sensor Security family in 2014 as Product Manager. Today, he is the company’s Head of Technical, which combines his extensive technical and people skills in order to deliver products and solutions that strive to continually set the standard. Having completed his Diploma in Electrical Engineering at Technikon Witwatersrand in 1991, Marco has gained experience in the fields of digital systems, audio engineering, telecommunication, radio engineering and electronic measurements and engineering mathematics. This highly motivated thinker also continues to study part time to further his skills set.

Product Brands

Reliability is a key factor when selecting a security system. Human lives and property can only be protected optimally with reliable, sophisticated security systems designed for specific applications. This is why Sensor stocks world renowned brands which comply with stringent adherence and performance.

Specialised Applications

Sensor Security continue to build strategic relationships with local and international research and manufacturing companies to ensure the products we provide can meet the most demanding security applications. These include:

  • Surveillance systems ranging from internet protocol (IP) technology to thermal imaging.
  • Public Address (PA) systems with announcements and background music (BMG).
  • Voice Evacuation Systems (EVAC) with International EN54 standards.
  • Fire detection applications.
  • Gaseous fire suppression systems
  • Fibreoptics