Please see link to videos and “How to Documents” to assist in setting up the remote view.
Please keep in mind that all routers differ and naming could be different from router to router but the basic principle is exactly the same.

Click here to view link

Please see links to videos and step by step guides to enable and use EZVIS feature.
Please note there is a 1 minute limit to live view using EZIVIS to save data charges.

Click here to view link

  • Username
    When you plug in your device for the first time you will be required to put in a Username. Please use the following:
    Username: Admin
  • Password
    You will then be asked to create a Password. Please take note that your password must be 8 characters long and needs to contain both letters and numbers. It is very important that you remember the password that you have created. (see document “Activate Device Now” attached for more detail)
  • I.P Address
    You will be asked to enter an I.P address so that you can contact the device from your PC. Please use the following:
  • Forgotten Passwords
    Should you need to reset your password, please forward the full serial device number (found by using the SADP – IP Finder Tool -, please see attached the “how-to” manual) to

Windows 7 Laptop or PC = IVMS 4200
Click here to view link

Apple Mac OS = IVMS 4200
Click here to view link

Mobile phone / android, Apple, windows mobile.
Please find it on Play store or apple I store via Cell phone.

We need the full model serial number and exact time and date as displayed on screen of unit.
Please see link to how to document for resetting the admin password.

Click here to view link

The beeping sound is caused by mainly 3 things:

1 – There is no HDD in the unit
2 – The Video format settings are incorrect must be on PAL and not on NTSC
3 – HDD is not initialized
4 – Can be forced off under exceptions tab of NVR / DVR

Backing up data from DVR / NVR can easily be done using Hikvision backup net software. Please take note that backing up footage does take a lot of processing ability and should be scheduled to run at quiet times as it uses allot of bandwidth too. Please see link to software including how to manual.

Click here to view link

Please see the link to the “Quick Guide on how to setup the recoding on a Hikvision DVR / NVR”. Please ensure recoding type is correct motion, continues and alarm etc.

Click here to view link

Please see link to quick guide on adding a unit into the IVMS 4200 this will be the same for DVR, NVR, IP camera, Decoder and encoder.

Click here to view link

Please see link to quick guide on adding a unit into the IVMS 4200 this will be the same for DVR, NVR, IP camera, Decoder and encoder.

Click here to view link

You can broadcast audio to your site from anywhere using IVMS or your mobile phone. Please refer to the guide on how to broadcast audio.

Click here to view link

There are tools created to calculate disk space and bandwidth please see latest versions on these tools on link below.

Click here to view link

There is a compatibility list released to ensure you are using the correct HDD

Click here to view link

Please refer to the Sensor website or see the link to data sheets of most of the Hikvision products. If there is a product that you cannot find on either site, please contact our Technical Team to upload it.

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Three years from date of invoice.

Notify your Sensor Sales Consultant of your problem with your unit. Bring your unit with its packaging and all of the accessories (including your power supply and Hard Drives in the case of recorders) and a copy of your invoice to our premises. A Repair Technician will assist you in filling in a form with your details. You can leave your unit/s with us and you will be notified of the fault via email and depending on the fault it will be repaired or returned to you.

Any unit purchased from Sensor Security, which is still within Warranty.

You can either phone your designated Sensor Sales Consultant or send them an email with the Model and Serial Numbers of the unit in question and request a Warranty Check.

We will have a look at the costs involved to repair your unit. Should your unit be “Beyond Economical Repair”, we can quote you on a new or refurbished unit depending on stocks.

Any physical damage to the unit or it’s cabling, incorrect installation, power surge and any unit/s deemed to be in an unsuitable condition by the RMA Manager.

We try to repair the units as quickly as possible whilst still maintaining a high quality of work. If a unit needs to be swapped out, we will create a Sales Order as if you were placing an order with us. You will also receive an Invoice once the unit is ready for collection. Swap Out units will be Invoiced at no cost to you. If we do not have stock of your unit, we will notify you and place your unit on Back Order.

Inform your Sensor Sales Consultant of your intention to return a unit and the reason for the return. Once the unit is returned, it will be checked by the Repairs Department for damage and installation marks. If the unit is new and in a sellable condition, a 15% Handling Fee will be charged. If the unit cannot be sold as “New”, the unit will be returned to you.

The unit can be brought in to Sensor (provided it was bought from Sensor). We will check with Bosch if the unit is still under Warranty. We will arrange with Bosch Holland to collect and replace the faulty unit. We will notify you once your replacement unit has been shipped from Holland and when it arrives. Please Note: This process can take 6-8 weeks.

If the Warranty Query comes back “Out of Warranty”, we will request a Warranty Expiry Date. We will also ask for Pricing from Bosch for repair of the unit. We will inform you of the pricing, and only after your approval, have the unit repaired. Please Note: Your unit will not be released until payment is made. This process can take 4-6 weeks.

No. Bosch units are ordered in directly from Holland and on request. Should you decide to no longer take the unit, we will charge a Handling Fee as per Bosch. If it is an item that cannot be resold to another client, you will be required to keep the unit.

Yes. Bring a copy of your Tax Invoice with you and we will help you.

Yes. We will follow the procedure laid out in the Technical FAQs Section.

You can request a Report and we will gladly assist you with a Report for your Clients’ perusal.

We will send you an Email with your repair information attached. You can then email with your Ticket Number and ask for an update (although we usually update you as things happen and before you have to ask).

Please feel free to contact the Sensor Repairs Department at

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