PA/Evacuation System

It’s been proven that members of the public pay greater attention to the spoken word than to bells or sounders, which is why Public Address forms an integral part of a greater security system and why that system needs to be underpinned by quality, reliablitiy and performance. As such, Sensor Security is proud to partner with Bosch. Not only are they a world leader when it comes to Public Address and Voice Evacuation products, but their PA/Evac equipment is fully integrated with their Bosch Fire Detection equiment too.

With years of experience in the design and development of technology field, Bosch’s guiding principle is to create products that are superior in terms of technology, design and ease of use. From waveguide to array technology and 3-D simulation to cutting edge design, their acoustical expertise is as extensive as it is innovative. The brand is also known for its expertise in developing superior technology for an optimal acoustical environment. This could mean high quality background music with a consistent sound level everywhere in the listening area. Or, as in the case of an emergency, it could mean messages which are received clearly, with high speech intelligibility despite considerable background noise. All of which is made possible through the technologies they’ve developed, namely: cardioid column loudspeakers, feedback suppression, reverberation technology, and many others.

In short, Bosch is creating today’s technologies which will become tomorrow’s industry standards and Sensor is proud to be a partner by distributing and representing the range


Bosch fire equipment is typically classed as a tender product and is therefore only available on special order. The waiting period for this stock, once ordered, is 2 – 4 weeks. That said, we do keep emergency fire stock on hand and you’re welcome to contact us to find out more email.

Technical support and training

Sensor offers technical support and training to ensure that you can get the best performance from your system. Extensive technical literature and application examples are available for reference and training programmes are carried out by skilled professionals who have vast experience in the systems, technologies and applications. Training takes place in Midrand Gauteng and is free of charge for our registered clients.

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