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Local solutions to complex problems

Born from creativity, BFR Digital is the southern African market leader when it comes to locally designed and manufactured CCTV IT equipment Fibre Optic and UTP transmission equipment. In short, BFR Digital links together some of this country’s most intricate and sensitive CCTV networks.

Underpinned by the principles of durability, capacity and innovation, this technology innovator helps customers solve complex challenges with quality and reliable electronic and electrical products. Their product offering targets: fibre optic communications, wired infrastructure, renewable energy and the protection of infrastructure from static discharges, lightning and power surges.

The BFR product range:

  • Switches:

    PoE Switches, Industrial Switches

  • Media Converters:

    Multimode Fibre, Single Mode Fibre, For SFP Modules

  • Surge Protection:

    Ethernet Surge Arresters, PoE Surge Arresters

  • PoE Injectors:

    Solar Powered PoE Injectors, Midspan PoE Injectors with Surge Protection


Every product produced in the BFR factory in Johannesburg comes with a quality guarantee.

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